Nuevo León, México

Nuevo León, México


Corzen Group: evolution and growth strategy alignment of Multiceras Group and its companies. 

We are a Mexican company established more than 40 years ago. Ever since the company was founded, we have focused on growth, diversification, and generating value for our customers and stakeholders.

Today, we are pleased to share with you the evolution of Multiceras Group into Corzen Group. This new corporate entity was created to organize, operate, and direct our solutions to different industries through Strategic Business Units under the same business philosophy. The name change reflects the company’s broader global focus as the basis of our solutions continues to diversify.

The essence of this initiative consists in expanding the efforts of collaboration, growth, and business development with our customers. Our Corporate Director, Francisco Díaz, explains: “The corporate structure of the Corzen Group allows us to collaborate in an agile and dynamic environment, with the objective of sharing our competitive advantages and making synergies, to offer greater value to our customers.”

The companies and Strategic Business Units that currently comprise the Corzen Group are: Multiceras, Aztec Plumbing, Arca Chemicals and Volkom; all with a unique identity and oriented towards solutions within the different industries and applications that we serve.

During this transition, we will continue to provide regular attention and support through our commercial, financial, administrative, and customer service teams. If any change is required, we will let you know promptly.