Nuevo León, México

Nuevo León, México


Blending with You

At Multiceras we offer a diversified portfolio of solutions dedicated to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as industrial solutions for the elaboration and coating of cardboard packaging. We are leaders in the formulation of high-performance solutions for other applications such as inks and adhesives, among others.

Striving to make the industries where we participate more sustainable and efficient, we develop specialized solutions dedicated to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Quality for your Brand

Through a wide portfolio of plumbing solutions, our products are part of the offer of recognized brands in different channels such as: retail leaders in hardware and home improvement, wholesalers, toilet manufacturers and cooperatives in various parts of the world.

At Aztec Plumbing we combine high technology and years of experience in plumbing, with a clear focus, to find solutions aimed at the effective use of natural resources, mainly water. All the products that are part of our portfolio for kitchen and bathrooms have been developed in order to offer the consumer an efficient and durable installation or remodeling.

Grifen Water
Care Products

Grifen is a brand of high-end faucets and accessories that was born to inspire improvements in the style and functionality of kitchens and bathrooms taking care of the use of water. The finishes and performance of its products combine advantages such as excellent modern design with luxury finishes and efficient use of water.

The versatility of Grifen’s line of single-lever kitchen keys allows for convenient and quick installation in kitchens of different standards around the world. At the same time, the quality offered by Grifen guarantees durability and easy maintenance of its products.

Fonten Water Care Products

Fonten has a strong commitment to the use of water and through its portfolio offers the necessary products to maintain maximum performance of any toilet, offering repair kits that guarantee proper operation accompanied by a practical installation. Fonten’s product line complies with the standards and requirements that are demanded in its field.

Allies to Innovate

VOLKOM develops solutions for its customers’ products, particularly in the construction industry, such as emulsions and additives for wood, gypsum, concrete, and asphalt. VOLKOM also supplies solutions for paper, pulp production, applicable in the coating of boxes such as glues and defoamers. Focused on the integration of custom engineering VOLKOM also offers lubricants and coatings for the metal mechanics industry.

Drawing on its experience and technological know-how, VOLKOM works with its customers and partners to develop comprehensive solutions that include innovative formulas, monitoring and control systems, and specialized support.

Established in the USA in 2008, Arca Chemicals assists the companies in the corporate group with the purchase of raw materials, import of equipment, and access to funding sources.
Additionally, Arca Chemicals commercializes high-quality Mexican products in the USA.