Nuevo León, México

Nuevo León, México


45th Anniversary CORZEN Group

Dear Customer:

It is a pleasure to share with you an extraordinary and commemorative moment for our business group: the celebration of the 45th anniversary of our foundation.

During this time, thanks to your preference, we have evolved our business strategy towards a corporate through CORZEN Group. This has allowed us to collaborate in an agile and dynamic environment to share our competitive advantages and create synergies to offer greater value to our customers. CORZEN Group is comprised by Multiceras, Alkento, Aztec Plumbing, Arca Chemicals, and Volkom; serving personal care, food, construction, plumbing, and packaging industries, among others.

We appreciate your trust and preference for our products and services, endorsing our commitment through our purpose: “Create solutions that transform the world into a more sustainable and efficient one”. We want to continue adding value and create innovative solutions that strengthen our business relationship for years to come.

With our best wishes,

Raul Marmolejo Velez